Don’t Stress the Mess

Don’t stress the mess

It will only last a moment

Treat it like the sunset sky

Take a picture, hold it

Objects scattered everywhere

On tables and floors

Where little hands play

Where great minds explore

And every single little thing

You see, Means something

To these great minds

A doll, a box, a piece of string

Every broken piece

Saved to glue or sew

Everything means something

These great minds know

They don’t hold back

From loving each thing personally

Playing, laughing, crying,


I’m learning not to stress this mess

I love these things too

They even make me think…

Of who gave them to you

Loved ones, some young, some old

Some have even passed

So don’t stress the mess

Hold on to everything, make it last

Written by: Maureen O’Neill


Published by Reeny

Writing something once in a while

4 thoughts on “Don’t Stress the Mess

  1. What a beautiful mess … so many treasured memories …
    Oh Reeny, here’s some very very interesting bloggers/writers that I think you might like to follow.. . just introduce yourself as ‘another Philadelphia niece of Ivor’s’ ..

    Haha… that’ll do for today … enjoy . 😍🙂

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